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About Us


Basic Information:

The Youth Community at North Suburban Synagogue Beth El is known as "BEANS" -- Beth El At North Suburban Synagogue.

We run five youth groups for children in grades K-12, as well as a College Connection program. Our goals are to help educate kids about Judaism and themselves in an informal environment and help them grow as Jewish
individuals and foster lasting Jewish friendships.

Participating in a youth group is one of the key indicators of an adult Jewish identity. Membership in our Youth Community is separate from membership of NSS Beth El.

All questions regarding the Youth Community should be directed towards Tovah Goodman, Youth Community Director.

Contact Information:

Tovah Goodman, Youth Community Director
Phone - 847.432.8900 ext. 214

Email - [email protected]


USY is our youth group for kids in grades 9-12. We typically have "lounge nights" once a month on Tuesday nights in the Horwitz-Hoffman Youth Lounge as well as one excursion to somewhere fun each month. Past excursions have included The Second City, Mystery Bus Rides, Bowling, Gameworks, and others. In addition to our local chapter, USY in an international organization affiliated with our region, CHUSY, and the youth programs of the Conservative movement. Programs are planned by a board of USYers with the help of our USY advisor. 

Shoshi Shapiro, USY Advisor 

Kadima is our youth group for kids in grades 6-8. In addition to our local chapter, Kadima is an international organization affiliated with our region, CHUSY, and the youth programs of the Conservative movement. We have
programs anywhere from 2-5 times a month, on Shabbat, weekend and weekdays before Hebrew school, both in and out of the building. Programs are planned by a board of Kadimaniks with the help of our Kadima advisor.

Larry Bender, M&M Club, Shalom Club and Kadima Advisor 

Shalom Club is our youth group for kids in grades 2-5. We meet twice a month, once on a Saturday after services for an informal lunch and games including ga-ga! We also typically meet one weekday night for programs in the Horwitz-Hoffman Youth Lounge.

M&M Club is our youth group for kids in grade K-1. We meet on different days of the week, especially running programs for Jewish holidays and fun things to do as a family.